Facilities - Equipment

The company has complete equipped packing and laboratory certified by ISO 9001:2015HACCP and Quality Policy to new facilities with excellent trained staff and a truck fleet consisting network through which the products are delivered without delay at the needs of our customers wishes needs.

The modern equipment production and packaging of products cowered directly and complete the needs of customers.

Objective of Satisfaction is the ultimate consumer products with high quality, perfect service in economic prices, always with respect to consumer.

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Lubricants Categories

  • Lubricants for motorcycles
    In this category of lubricants you can find gasoline and diesel lubricants motorcycle lubricants as well outboard engines. We also have Diesel and marine engine lubricants. The gear oil vehicles are another subclass of this unity.
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  • Lubricants Industry
    In this category of lubricants you can find a complete series covering the particularly high requirements of lubrication in the industry.
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